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How to use an eBay gift card – 2021

If you’re keen on browsing eBay for nice deals on vintage clothing, collector’s baseball cards, or other hard-to-find items, an eBay gift card is perhaps your idea of an excellent gift. Click here

Cards are often purchased online or in physical stores, and you’ll use the cards to buy all or a part of your purchase on the eBay site. you’ll even check your gift card balance at any time using eBay’s online tool.

If you’ve received an eBay gift card and are unsure of the way to use it to buy your purchase, doing so is comparatively straightforward. Here are the steps you would like to follow to use your card.

How to use an eBay gift card

1. Log into your eBay account together with your username and password.

2. Add the item you would like to shop for to your eBay handcart or click “Buy it now” to travel straight to checkout.

3. On the payment screen, scroll down until you discover the “Gift cards, coupons, and eBay bucks” field and enter the 13-digit card on the rear of your eBay gift card. Alternately, if you received a digital gift card, this number should be included within the email it had been attached to.

4. Click “Apply.”

5. Your item total will then be updated. If there’s enough money on your eBay gift card to buy everything of your purchase, you’ll see your balance at $0.00. Otherwise, you’ll see the remaining balance left.

6. On the right-hand side of the screen, click “Confirm and pay” to finish your checkout via PayPal.

Note that if you are not already logged into your PayPal account and/or don’t have PayPal linked to eBay, you’ll be redirected to PayPal upon clicking “Confirm and pay” so as to log in. this may happen albeit your eBay gift card covers everything of your purchase.

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Avoiding a present card scam is straightforward if you retain the following pointers in mind

Treat gift cards like cash

Gift cards aren’t to form offsite payments
✔ If anyone ever asks you to form an offsite payment employing a gift card, you’ll be sure that you’re lecturing a scammer — one hundred pc of the time. Although eBay gift card scams are the main target of this text, the guidance remains true for all gift card brands. Gift cards are meant to shop for yourself or a lover a present, to not make a payment for a utility, to bail someone out of jail, pay a ransom, or to require care of the other emergency an ingenious thief might throw at you.

Read the terms of your gift card
Reading the terms of your gift card will assist you to avoid falling victim to a predator. These conditions are typically readily available for your review on the rear of the gift card. It’s important to notice that if you violate any of the terms of most gift cards, the corporate can revoke them without supplying you with a refund.

Google the telephone number
✔ Many gift card scams originate with a chilly call from a thief. These scammers may claim to be AT&T, the IRS, eBay, the police, or other well-known entities. Your caller ID might even display the official name of the corporate the callers claim to be representing. Don’t fall for it. Scammers can easily change the name that appears on your phone’s caller ID once they call. you’ll check the validity of any telephone number by typing the amount into your computer’s Google Search box. You’ll be ready to confirm whether you’re handling a politician company or not. The numbers that Khan and Shelton were calling weren’t related to eBay or AT&T. Had they done a Google search, that information would have quickly come to light and saved them both from becoming scam victims.

Don’t buy gift cards from unauthorized sources
✔ Before buying gift cards for friends and family, confirm you’re handling a politician seller. you’ll do this by visiting the website of the gift card company. (Here’s an inventory of approved retailers of eBay gift cards.) Purchasing cards from third parties or unapproved sellers are often fast thanks to losing your cash — no gift included. (Michelle Couch-Friedman, Elliott Advocacy)

✔ Scammers love gift cards because they’re almost like folding money. Those digits on the rear of your gift card are all a thief must steal your balance during a nearly untraceable way. Never scratch off the protective covering on those numbers until you’re able to redeem the cardboard. Treat your gift cards like cash because that’s how the issuing companies view them. And it’s also how thieves view them. If you lose or give your gift card away, you most certainly won’t catch on back.

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