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Adidas Swift Run – Online reviews for Adidas shoes 2021

Adidas swift run is 1 of the 2 best comfortable sneakers for men and women. Adidas offers all-day comfort and the most versatile and colorful sneaker of the workout. Comfortless is the key focus of Adidas swift runs.

Introducing the Adidas Deerupt

Safe to mention that #deerupt was hype like no other. What else would you expect from the brainchild of the Adidas brand?

But, what goes up must come down, time waits for nobody and zip lasts forever. As long because the routine runs, the spotlight won’t shine on this one shoe for long. Somewhere, a successor is being designed, branded and stitched. Will this nameless shoe eventually snatch away the Deerupt’s public hype? It’s inevitable.

This is why – so as to take care of the spotlight as long as possible – a product must be launched under peak conditions, with everything meticulously ordered and ready; from product landing page to online shop, together with your vocal influencers raring to travel and a cunning plan for authentic online reviews up the sleeves of your marketing team.

Nail the merchandise launch

The Deerupt was getting to be one among Adidas hottest launches in 2018. No pressure there. So when Adidas approached us, they asked us to assist them to nail it sort of a boss. They wanted authentic, experience-based reviews, live and prepared from day one. In an industry where the review-to-sale ratio equals 1:100, organic reviews within the first-week post-launch were simply not an option.

Adidas challenged us to:

– get authentic online reviews in multiple native languages
– receive consumer-generated pictures on each of our webshop domains
– achieve the above with an all-out media embargo until the launch date
– complete this task before the merchandise was available to the general public

Finding sneaker freaks – Adidas Swift Run

The Adidas Swift Run is a comfortable shoe. A good number of buyers say that the shoe is lightweight. Quite a lot of wearers attest that the Swift Run shoes from Adidas are built for all-day use. A good number of buyers claim that the shoe looks very stylish.

Stars and Stories operate during a military fashion when these sorts of challenges arise. We actually welcome them. Love them, even. They force us to excel, and that we have the property – within the sort of complex algorithms and self-developed software – also as a solid business architecture to form it happen.

First off, within 24 hours, we found quite 1200 Sneaker Freaks; that rare species of consumer that literally counts down the times until subsequent big-brand trainer release. The sort that might fight you for the last Adidas pair on the shelf.

Once our campaign managers whittled down this vast number of applicants to only a couple of the simplest reviewers for this particular sneaker, we got them to sign an NDA, to make sure the trainers remained a secret – far away from the general public eye.

Book success

Just days after we had selected the right reviewers, we sent them the shoes and asked them to wear, test, and knowledge them to complete. After exactly one week of testing, we asked each of them to offer their honest opinion. 80 quality and in-depth reviews about the Deerupt shoes were posted on Bazaarvoice, specifically on a page that remained hidden until the launch date.

The reviews were wonderfully detailed and contained valuable information about the dimensions and fit of the shoes, two major factors that strongly influence the return rate within the apparel industry.

Two more reasons why this Adidas campaign was such a success:

Speed of delivery: the standard and responsiveness of our community were second to none; within a quick 24 hours, quite 1200 eager Sneaker Freaks entered our pipeline and that we were ready to select 80 highly motivated candidates, able to test a pair of shoes from their favorite brand.

Impact of the campaign: to equal the amount of 80 reviews generated organically, Adidas would need to sell a minimum of 8,000 shoes online. Within the apparel industry, the review-to-sale ratio is 1:100. But rather than expecting weeks for that to happen, we delivered the right target from day one.

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