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Bath and Body Works near me Total Reviews – 2021


Bath and Body Works are now operating 1,600+ retail stores and more than hundreds of scents for items body soap, body lotion, body spray, hand sanitizer, hand soaps, candles with three-wick, air freshener, and many fragrant things. Bath and Body Works offer many discounts through a coupon or promo code over its all products.

But not all outlets are included in all offers or promotions, therefore people shall search Bath and Body Works near me. B&BW offers mix and match, buy 3 get 3, 6 for $24, $15 off on $40, and many more. Mix and match offer is quite different; Bath and Body Works mix and match promotions can give you the ability to buy multiple products and scents without spoiling your wallet.

Bath and Body Works coupon code are not available if the Bath and Body Works store in a remote area. Therefore if your nearest Bath and Body Works store is a remote area, contact them first for a coupon or promo code.

You can search your nearest store on google. Go to then write Bath and Body works near me and then hit enter. You will see B&BW official page within the first 3 results. On the official page, you gonna see ‘store locator’. Click that ‘store locator’ and write down the area you live in, you will find the nearest B&BW address. Aslo it is our advice to register your email with Bath and Body Works for upcoming coupon codes.

Iconic Bath and Body Works Scents Ranked Worst to Best

What are the simplest and worst iconic Bath & Body Works scents? Nothing says mercantile establishment or smells more just like the early 2000s than Bath & Body Works. The colorful, go-to spa store with its fragrance mists, body lotions, shower gels, and candles has never been one to miss. As such, they’ve become known for a few pretty iconic scents.

Whether it is the brand’s edition fragrances for the vacation season or its tried-and-true fragrances, the perfumes definitely have their fans. The product lines have expanded with time; Bath & Body Works now sells men’s products, air fresheners, and little makeup items like lip gloss. But the body care will nearly always be what the shop is understood for, with its most well-known scents leading the way.

But not all Bath & Body Works scents are created equal, and a few are downright reviled. We went through the reviews, the comments, and even the very dedicated Bath and Body Works Reddit page to work out which scents are rock bottom of the low, and which scents have continued to return out on top. Here are the foremost iconic Bath & Body Works scents ranked from worst to best.

B&BW scent list is oriental cherry Blossom

This might come as a surprise to a number of you — especially as long as this particular scent is one among Bath & Body Works best sellers – but supported by the fan reviews, the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent has landed at the very bottom of our list.

For those of you unfamiliar, here’s the breakdown of this iconic scent: the brand describes it as “your little black dres’ fragrance.” it’s notes of cherry blossom (obviously), Asian pear, mimosa petals, sandalwood, and jasmine — sounds pretty great, right?

Well not consistent with some customers who have tried the long-lasting scent and are thoroughly disappointed. One Reddit user said that the seemingly complex scent smelled like “plain powder,” and was very disappointed with the results.

Another said that oriental cherry Blossom smelled like “old lady bubble soap” to them, and another really didn’t twiddle my thumbs on their critique. “I haaaaaate oriental cherry Blossom! It smells so strong and musty.” We’ll all right then, there are very strong feelings about this fragrance.

B&BW employees agreed that within the Stars is one of the worst scents

You know it’s bad when a Bath & Body Works employee genuinely loathes the smell of 1 of the store’s iconic scents. Thereto end, this Reddit user didn’t twiddle my thumbs in their critique of within the Stars. “Been working here over a year and on behalf of me it’s within the Stars,” the worker said. “It makes me genuinely [nauseated] and smells overwhelmingly like some sort of peppery spice.” Yikes, mention a scathing review.

So what’s within the Stars alleged to smell like? Well, it’s made from starflower, sandalwood, agar-wood, tangelo, and amber, so in theory, it should have a “warm and captivating” aura. But unlike the product’s description that says that “you’re bound to fall crazy initially radiant mist,” not everyone has had such a positive reaction.

“It has such good reviews & I do not KNOW WHY!” one reviewer wrote on the bathtub & Body Works website. “I do not know who would want to smell like this honestly… Just save your money, you’ll thank me later.”

Moonlight Path isn’t a shower fan favorite

We’re beginning to slowly inch up towards some more fan-favorite Bath & Body Work scents, but Moonlight Path remains pretty far at rock bottom of the list, and permanently reason. Consistent with the very dedicated Reddit forum about iconic Bath & Body Works scents, customers who’ve tried Moonlight Path are disappointed, and in one case, just about scarred from the fragrance.

Moonlight Path is meant to smell jasmine, violets, and lavender — but this Reddit user said that it had “no distinct scent and smelled like nothing.” Another put it very simply: Moonlight Path just smells like a wife scent, which there certainly isn’t anything wrong with, but we do love a younger smelling option.

But one Reddit user had the foremost violent review of all of them. “It’s been decades since I smelled it future and therefore the scent remains burned into my brain,” they wrote. “I recognize it as soon I’m near someone who’s wearing it and it immediately turns my stomach. I buy sick just brooding about it.” Yikes.

Bath and Body works near me: Slightly better for flashbacks users

It looks like we all have that one scent that takes us back to the halls of junior high school — maybe it is the distinct odor of the red rubber dodgeball or the smell of the scented markers that were filled with chemicals. Except for this Reddit user, the smell that took them back was none aside from the long-lasting Bath & Body Work scent, Sweet Pea. Consistent with them, it smells “like every mean girl in secondary school.”

So what’s this mean girl scent and is Regina George getting to vibe with it? It’s alleged to be a mixture of sweet pea (duh), pear, and raspberry with a soft musk.

For other users, Sweet Pea should have stayed in the study hall. “This was good back once I was 14, not on behalf of me in my 30s,” one reviewer wrote on the Bath & Body Works website. “This is another one among those scents that just smells sort of a teenager should be wearing it, not a top-quality mist,” wrote another. Clearly, all middle schools can purchase Sweet Pea in bulk.

B&BW scent Dark Kiss remains not an excellent choice

Associating a fragrance with a not-so-fun experience are some things that some Bath & Body Works scents are liable for. Consistent with this Reddit user, the scent Dark Kiss was sprayed by a user such a lot while sitting on a packed airplane that it completely ruined the smell (and the plane ride, from the sound of it). That’s not something you ought to do on an airplane!

So what’s Dark Kiss? Well it’s described as “seductive,” and boasts a combo of blackcap, rose, and flavored. Honestly? That sounds pretty nice.

But customers who’ve tried out the long-lasting scent haven’t had the kindest things to mention about it. “At first I assumed it had been okay, but after wearing it for a couple of hours I used to be so grossed out by it,” one Reddit user said.

Other reviewers on the bathtub & Body Works website said that Dark Kiss was “too strong and overwhelming,” which the smell was “too harsh.” Another user said that Dark Kiss smelled an excessive amount of jelly beans, so we’re banking on the scent being just a touch too overpowering for a few.

B&BW scent Sun-Washed Citrus smells like cleaning liquid

Next on our list is Sun-Washed Citrus. One Bed Bath & Beyond worker shared a secret you would like to understand on Reddit, namely that there are a couple of fragrances that they cannot drag, and Sun-Washed Citrus is one among them. They said that perfume smells of “Lysol and stomach bile” (sorry for the squeamish among you), and reminds them of once they had gastroenteritis.

So what’s the long-lasting scent alleged to smell like? Well, consistent with Bath & Body Works, Sun-Washed Citrus may be a combination of Sorrento lemons, citron, and agave nectar. To us, that seems like the makings of an honest margarita, so we could dig it. And apart from the negative review on Reddit, other customers have found Sun-Washed Citrus to be an honest option.

Favorite Scent!! Love this fresh light scent in every product! Please keep this year-round,” wrote one happy customer. “Sun-Washed Citrus is one among my favorite summer scents. I even have it in body care and that I have used it in home fragrances,” wrote another. So it might be hit or miss for you, but it’s worth a try.

B&BW scent Cactus blossom may be a good go-to

Cactus blossom is an overall good fragrance from Bath & Body works. From candles to a cream handy sanitizer, Cactus Blossom products are available during a wide selection of options, too. The long-lasting scent may be a combination of cactus flower petals, coconut, and vanilla; it also comes in cute packaging.

So what are people saying about Cactus Blossom? Well, the scent is straightforward to wear (if you’re getting it in spray form), slightly sweet, and not overpowering. If you’re getting Cactus Blossom in candle form, you’re certain a treat.

With over 840 five-star reviews on the Bath & Body Works website, the Cactus Blossom candle is sweet “year-round” and keeps the house fresh without being an excessive amount of. “I fell crazy with this fragrance when it first released.

So I purchased the candle and it didn’t disappoint,” one reviewer said. “It’s sort of a fresh field of flowers!! It isn’t too overpowering and just the proper fragrance,” wrote another. Read this before you purchase another scented candle.

You’ll want to shop for this bath and body works

This is a fragrance you actually won’t want to miss out on. Hello, Beautiful is an iconic scent option from Bath & Body Works, and fortunately for us, it comes during a body mist, shower gel, and lotion. The perfume is formed from white gardenia, jasmine, and magnolia blossom — and if that does not sound wonderful, we do not know what does.

Hello, Beautiful has some great reviews, with one customer saying that they’d just run out of their sixth bottle and were able to order more — mention dedication. “Hello Beautiful is so fun and refreshing to wear!” one reviewer said.

“It doesn’t have plenty of endurance but I honestly enjoy using it whenever I want a refresh.” Other fans of the scent pointed to Hello Beautiful’s “romantic floral scent” and its elegance. We will definitely drag that.

The scent made its way onto the MSN list of best Bath & Body Work scent list and received an 8 out of 10. That’s a solid B grade, so keep your eye out for this product.

Conclusion (Bath and Body Works near me)

To know Bath and Body Works near me, you must search the nearest store online, or you can download their app or call their customer service. Bath and Body Works customer service number 800-756-5005 and emails to [email protected] You can also as for Bath and Body Works hours open. But before call or email, you shall open an account with Bath and Body Works and use your user name as a reference during a phone call or email correspondence.

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